If you cannot be with us in person each Sunday, join us online. View the live stream of our Sunday services by clicking below. We begin streaming at approximately 11:00am just as the congregational singing ends and the sermon begins. Our Sunday services start at 10:30am CST.


Sunday morning live stream:

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At New Covenant Church you will discover a warm group of real people serious about living lives which look strikingly different from the world because we have a hope rooted not in this world but in heaven. Our faith family is diverse and includes friends young and old who are single, married, divorced and widowed. Many have children, many do not. What unites us all is a singular hope in and loyalty to a resurrected King and a settled confidence that the promises of God, found only in His Word (the Bible), are for all who would forsake sin and self and believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. 

We are serious students of God's Word and faithfully teach it in our classrooms and preach it from our pulpit week in and week out because it alone contains the words of life. God's words have power - power to bring forgiveness; power to give new and eternal life to the spiritually dead; power to give a sure and abiding hope to the hopeless; power to bind the wounds of those who are broken and have come to the end of themselves.

That's our story...one which God is writing on our hearts and in our lives day by day as we walk with Him. If that's not yet your story, we would be humbled to share with you all that our good God has done for us. We are just ordinary people with extraordinary joy and peace. In our Father's house, there is room at the table for you. Welcome home.

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