Final update for 8/17/16 - posted at 10:23p

Wow, what a busy day. Please read:

  • Updated supply list will be published at 8am and cross-posted on this page and social media. Follow/Like: @newcovenantds @toddwhirley
  • We need volunteers. New Covenant is a small church of about 200 which includes scores of children. Our church members were decimated in this flood. More than 40 members' homes flooded. Many without flood insurance because they weren't in a flood zone and had never flooded. Many/most lost cars, too. As a result, our church volunteer base is small for this crisis. If you live in BR, aren't tied up with your own flood cleanup and want to help, come one. You don't need to go to New Covenant. We need helpers to: work inside our church (never flooded) to receive, sort and distribute donations; to talk to and pray with people; to help prepare lunch (for workers) and dinner for workers and flood victims. Doors open at 9a, dinner available starting at 5pm. We need folks to dump trash cans and help get our sanctuary and bathrooms ready for worship Sunday. Your kids can help, too. Climate controlled. Guaranteed to expose you to folks you might never otherwise interact with. Promise it will make you hunger to serve more.
  • If you know of groups from outside the area or state that want to come help or send supplies, give them my name, Todd Whirley, and cell # 225.715.6149.
  • Of course, we need funds to carry out the work. Rest assured your donations will go directly to this flood disaster relief. If you or your church wish to donate, visit:   You will see a "2016 Flood Disaster Relief" fund in a drop down in addition to the "General Fund". Your funds will help feed people, buy critically needed supplies, put gas in our van to transport people, food and supplies, etc. You won't find a church that can pinch a penny like New Covenant. Pray about how God would use you to support this work. If you cannot be here in person, you can touch lives with your financial support. All gifts are tax deductible.