Last update for 8/18/16 - posted 11:45p

Today started early receiving a pickup truck of donations before 8am followed by letting several police officers in early to complete applications for crews to help them clean out their homes...and it never stopped. Here's where we are...

  1. I don't know how many people we fed least 225+ meals were served at New Covenant, sent home with people or delivered in person. New Covenant Presbyterian in Mandeville rolled up and cooked the most amazing jambalaya in the biggest pot I've ever seen anyone actually cook in. Made 300 servings - we got a pot and a shelter got a pot. Great folks. 
  2. We need donations - A truck with donations we were expecting to arrive did not materialize. Imagine all of the stuff you might immediately need if you lost everything...that is what we need in our donation center. Got a case of those thick, long Playtex gloves? Folks can use those. Variety of sizes. We had many people looking for particular things today that we were out of. We got cleaned out pretty good. If you feel led to, go shopping for things you would need and drop off to use between 9-6 tomorrow.
  3. We need volunteers - Our church family was devastated by flooding. Therefore, we have a much smaller pool of volunteers in our own faith family to help us meet our needs. If you can help out working inside our church (didn't flood) doing various things, let us know.
  4. Want to make some yummy homemade cookies or other deserts that you can put in zip lock bags? Make, bag, deliver to us. 
  5. We may receive our first team of clean out crew members Saturday. If so, we will need some folks to prepare meals for them.

More updates in morning by 9am.