To our New Covenant family... posted 8/19/16 9:40pm

"He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” (Rev. 21:4)

That will be a great day when all of this sorrow is swallowed up by a never-ending, perfect joy. Set your mind on that each day. I have been heartbroken for all of you who flooded. Praying for you tonight. The church (not sanctuary) is looking a little rough after a few days of ministering to hundreds of people who have come to get donations, to fill out forms for mudout crews to come help, and to be fed. I think we've served 400+ meals. Prayed with so many. Offered a cold drink of water in Jesus' name. Too many stories to tell. A very small group of us who did not flood have been ministering to the community from 9am until after 7p. I've never been prouder of our church. This is why God spared our building. A few things I wanted to make you aware of tonight:

  1. I'm texting every cell # in our directory. For the time being, this is how we will communicate with our whole church family at once during the aftermath of this flood. If you don't want to receive texts, you can reply STOP. I will not text you 5 times a day but probably once or twice. I'm putting everything I need to communicate to you on a blog post because it won't all fit in 140 characters ;-) 
  2. LUNCH: There will be 900-1,000 hamburgers cooked in our parking lot tomorrow. A lot of cows died. Let's honor their sacrifice. Come get some food at noon-ish or show up earlier. We would love to see you.
  3. DINNER: At 5pm tomorrow, we will have dinner. I'll need to know if you're coming so we can prepare for you. 
  4. I've been on phone calls, texting or on Al Gore's internet all week trying to coordinate the delivery mountains of food, water, cleaning supplies, clothes, diapers, etc. Turns out there are a lot of people who care about you and our community and have come to help and to bring stuff. Many have broken down in tears just trying to get their minds around the magnitude of your losses. 
  5. If you need 3,000 PBJ sandwiches, holla. I know a guy. Or 7,000 pounds of fresh chicken. Got texts for both in the last 24 hours. Seriously, if you've got a need for chicken, I've got either 135 pounds of fresh pieces or 135 pounds of whole baptist bird or both waiting for me in BR. If you want some of that, let me know. It will prob be after 12 noon before we can fetch it from BR. 
  6. SHOWER TRAILER: We now have a shower trailer that will accommodate 3 men and 3 women at once in separate stalls. It's lit and has hot water (who would want that after the work you've done all day). When I get an electrician to come tie me into another breaker, it will have a/c. It's available to you. Bring a towel and toiletries but if you roll in without, we'll hook you up. 
  7. I've got friends rolling into town with supplies. It is my understanding one has a lot of cleaning supplies. Whenever it gets here and we offload and get a feel for what we have, I'll try to push that info to you. There is so much stuff in the Park area and more on the way. If you need specific items, list them in a comment below. Make sure to put your name and specifics. 
  8. If you need to use a computer or printer, come on.
  9. No Sunday School this week but we will worship at 10:30am as usual. The Oaks will be worshiping in our building Sat night at 6p (I think that's the time). More than 60 baptist churches alone were flooded out...scores of other denominations, too.  
  10. If any of you have a desperate need for help, comment below and let us know your needs. People are racing to the area from all over. I want to be able to send them to you. State specifically what you need help with and when. 
  11. The pic on this post is of 5 of the finest presbyterians and (1) baptist I've ever met. They came from Mandeville with a burden to cook two enormous pots of jambalaya. 300 servings. Good people from New Covenant Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Mandeville, LA. who send their love to you. 
  12. You are loved and prayed for by your pastors, elders and staff.