Mondays are a little better when someone else is doing your laundry - Posted 8/21/16 10:25pm

Wasn't it wonderful to worship together this morning? Here are a few things I want you to be aware of tonight...

  1. You would not believe the stuff that we got by trailer at 1pm. Pillows, a million big bottles of Tide, a small fortune worth of stuff packed into a trailer and delivered by a man from Texas whose generosity and smile told me he was family. His name is Stephen. He and his wife bought a whole trailer full of stuff with their own money. Thousands and thousands of dollars of things you need. New Covenant family, if you would like a huge bottle of Tide, come claim it in the morning. There is plenty to go around for both our faith family and the community. 
  2. LAUNDRY TRUCK: The laundry truck is here and the scrubbing bubbles start working their magic at 7:30am. You can drop your laundry off and pick it up later. It's okay to bring it loose or in bags or baskets. They will wash around the clock as long as our community needs their services. Part of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. You have enough to worry about...let them bless you by doing your laundry. 
  3. If you are tired of being cooped up with 16 other folks in your house, come sort and organize the donations we have received. Whether you can give an hour or a day, you are needed if you are available. God has provided in so many ways. 
  4. I met with a Virginia relief team who stopped by New Covenant today. Help is on the way.
  5. I talked with the president of an international relief organization today who at any given moment has people volunteering around the world. They are coming and New Covenant will be part of that. They do flood cleanup and they do it very, very well and for FREE. Pray about that if you would. I think this could be a huge blessing. More on that later.