What you need to know - Posted 8/21/16 8:10am

Good morning brothers and sisters! It is the Lord's day and we will gather for worship at 10:30am.

Here's what you need to know today:

  1. Anyone caught coming to church in a suit today, will be drafted to re-stack the 1,000 cases of bottled water we have here. Anyone not in a suit but wearing a tie will need to sort clothes until the Lord returns....because that's how many clothes we have ;-)
  2. No matter what you look like or are wearing, please worship with us. Shorts are expected. Jeans will be the norm today. T-shirts are now in vogue at New Cov on Sunday mornings
  3. FREE Supplies are all over the building for you. I have had friends from several states sending supplies and complete strangers and out-of-state churches we are not connected to have sent cars, trailers and trucks here. We have mountains of cleaning supplies - bleach, paper towels, toilet paper, diapers, heavy duty trash bags, etc. Folks have sent these items here to bless you. PLEASE HELP YOURSELF TO WHATEVER YOU NEED AND AS MUCH AS YOU NEED. 
  4. We will open tomorrow, Monday, at 9am if you need to pick up supplies, file an application for clean out assistance, etc. We can show you how to apply for FEMA help.
  5. If you need food, we have provided lunch most days and dinner each day since we got up and running. Let us know of your meal needs and we will try to meet them. 
  6. I have 135 pounds of whole chickens being stored for me in Baton Rouge. If you or anyone you know needs one or more, let me know. We can't store them here at church. No room. There are about 36 whole birds. 
  7. We will not have Sunday School for at least a month. Once everyone begins to catch a breath from recovery efforts, we'll reassess and announce a date that we'll resume SS.
  8. LAUNDRY TRUCK: I have gotten us a laundry truck that will be here to wash the clothing of anyone in the community that needs it washed. They will take care of your clothes. They are setting up this evening and will begin washing Monday. Even if you have power and didn't flood, you have people living with you and no time to help others, clean house, wash mountains of clothes and sleep. Bring your stuff here to be washed. 
  9. COMPUTER: If you attend New Covenant Church and need to use a computer, internet or copier as you recover from the flood, just ask. Your tithes and offerings purchase and maintain this equipment. If you need it, we can make it available to you.
  10. The church is in disaster relief mode. Our building is stuffed with supplies. We have not been able to have the trash dumped. Several toilets still weren't flushing as of last night. We only have speakers on the left side. Hopefully, we'll have our system back to normal by next Sunday. Things will be upside down for a while. Things may not look or smell as clean as usual for a while. Bear with us. We'll get back to normal eventually.