*** Tomorrow, I need to know what stage you are at in your cleanup and other important info - Posted 8/22/16 at 10:35pm

Good evening, New Covenant family. I wanted to update you on some things....

  1. *** VERY IMPORTANT *** Tomorrow, I will send you a very brief survey to help us as elders understand your losses and how best to meet your needs. PLEASE take 90 seconds to complete it when you have time. 
  2. To the best of my knowledge, New Covenant Church was the first church in the whole area (by a long shot) to open its doors and distribute supplies and hot meals to hurting people. Even though you are suffering now, your faithful giving provided a place for people to find shelter, transportation, food and clothing. Even in your loss, you have given hope and help to thousands of victims of this flooding.  
  3. Starting tomorrow, our donation center will be open to the general public from 9a-11a and then from 3p-6p. It is ALWAYS OPEN for New Covenant members. If you need to come later in the evening, we will arrange to let you in whenever you need us to. If you come during our "off" hours, come to the main lobby doors. If they are locked, call and we'll let you in. My cell # is 225.715.6149. You are welcome to drop by anytime and see if there is anything you need. *** We have some newer New Covenant church members and some non-New Covenant volunteers helping out who may not know who you are. If anyone tells you we are closed or questions you, they are just following my directions to uphold the rules. Simply tell them you attend church here. We have had to be very stern with some people and our volunteers are being pretty vigilant about things. After the knife fight we had today, we are limiting the hours we are open and our process for distributing goods.
  4. Don't forget the LAUNDRY TRUCK is here. They got hammered pretty good today. When they are finished, they will have washed clothes for 15 hours. That service is here for you, too. If you can bring one bag or basket each day that might help them (just my observation) but when you get here ask them what works best for them. These Alabama baptists have busted their tails outside in the heat all day. Even if you don't use their services, stop by and thank them sometime. Who would have thought Crimson Tide fans could operate a washing machine?
  5. There was no knife fight today. Just seeing who's really paying attention. Carry on.
  6. I've been in contact with incident commanders and relief organizations several times per day. This flooding happened so quickly that it has taken a while to organize command centers, support teams and work teams to come into the area. That's normal for a massive disaster like this. It was some time before even the Red Cross got organized and here. But, help is moving into the flooded areas. Wherever you are at in the process, they will help you.
  7. COOKS NEEDED: We have already housed about 10 men working in our area. That number is about to go up dramatically as New Covenant Church will house several dozen workers on an ongoing basis. When there is hardly any room in the entire area to house work crews near work sites, God spared our building and has provided a laundry trailer and a shower trailer to enable volunteers to help put Denham Springs back together again. These folks would love a real cooked meal. I'm developing a cooking schedule that I'll make public tomorrow. If you can cook a meal here or there to give back to men and women who are serving Denham Springs, let me know.