The world is now rushing to Denham Springs and surrounding areas - Posted 8/26/16 10:30pm

Today has the most encouraging day so far regarding help getting to our community. Disaster relief response on this scale doesn't happen overnight. After talking with numerous state directors and national and international DR commanders, where we are now regarding a national response is about par for a disaster of this magnitude. Here's what you need to know:

  1. TOWN HALL MEETING: There we be a Denham Springs town hall meeting at 10am Saturday at New Covenant Church. I'm guessing the turnout may be high and parking may be a problem. I'd come early to get a parking spot. Join us.
  2. SHOCKWAVE: Starting at 9am, our New Covenant Church members may pick up a bottle of Shockwave mold killer. One bottle for now, please. Priority is to those who attend New Covenant Church and who have their primary home flooded. This is a gift to our church family. I'm here every Sunday so if I don't know you, you'll leave disappointed and with directions to Stine's in Walker. I will know by noon how much we have left and then we can release additional bottles to church families who need more than one. One bottle, if applied properly, will spray an average home. Must be applied to dry wood.
  3. I'm not sure how many people are currently sleeping in the building ;-). My best guess is about 45 from several continents. There are 3 people from Great Britain who have traveled here to work with an international disaster relief agency in our community. There is a man from Africa slated to arrive by Saturday. All told, this agency will have 60-70or so in our youth room and have set up a command center in there. When they get it all set up for 60, I think you'll be amazed.
  4. We have people from perhaps 5 countries and about 12 states under roof right now. If we stack them just right, I think we can squeeze in 150. It's worth a try. 
  5. I found out from a DR coordinator that they pulled the trigger on a national relief response on the same scale as Katrina. AmeriCorps is coming to the area. They are an army of young adults who will come to the flooded areas by the thousands. This flood cleanup is a young man's game. These folks come to work and sweat. 
  6. The mudout training with the disaster relief professional which was held at New Covenant Wednesday was recorded and can be found here. Due to a technical problem, the last few minutes of it were cut off. I thought it was helpful. Lots of Q&A.
  7. Tools to borrow: I have acquired 2 large wet/dry vacs, 2 digital moisture detectors, some heavy duty push brooms and 2 professional grade 4-gallon backpack sprayers. They are here for our New Covenant family to check out and use. As of 10pm tonight, both shop vacs are checked out and 1 moisture meter is checked out. Text me before you come and we'll update you regarding availability. If you check out a tool, please use it and return it as quickly as possible. Call volume is off the chart, best way to get me is to text me at 225.715.6149
  8. The scale of this flood disaster has now exceeded that of super storm Sandy according to FEMA. 
  9. *** I need to know by 9am who needs what kind of help currently *** Reply below by commenting on this post or text me.
  10. Again, if you need me, the BEST way to get me is to text 715.6149. Make sure you tell me who you are in case you're not in my contacts list.