Disaster Relief Drama: Fight at Home Depot (true story) - Posted 8/27/16 9:02pm

God is blessing our community through New Covenant Church. So many stories today of God meeting immediate needs. 

  1. Your bottles of Shockwave are here. Please take one with you tomorrow. FREE.
  2. We can definitely use some New Covenant folks to join us tomorrow at 4pm to sort and organize all the goods that an 18-wheeler dropped off today. Just show up and we'll put you to work. 
  3. We are in need of a group of volunteers who will walk through the building emptying trash and tidying up. There are a lot of people staying here right now. If you can only give an hour, we can use you. Vacuum, clean restrooms, etc.
  4. REMINDER: No Sunday School or Wed evening services until further notice. All of our building is being used currently to minister to the community's needs. 
  5. Today an 18-wheeler showed up at Home Depot in Baton Rouge to distribute goods. A fight broke out and we believe a policeman had heard about the ministry happening here and sent the truck here. Unexpected. Fully loaded. True story. If you want to see what the contents of an 18-wheeler that have been unloaded by hand look like, visit the Park area tomorrow. It's like a grocery bomb went off in there. Teams from several states have been going through it for hours. Much more to be done. Come at 4pm and help. If you need pretty much anything a Walmart would sell, tomorrow is a really good day to take home what you need after church. Folks from all over the country have sent these things to minister to you. Even if your home was spared but you are  
  6. Just want to give you a heads up...The building now looks like a fully engulfed disaster relief center. There are workers and stuff everywhere. There are stacks of pallets and enormous boxes on the front walk that cannot be removed today. Serious ministry is happening and Christ is being exalted. Every time we say we are winding down the donation area, God says otherwise by sending us minor prophets like 18-wheelers. It will all get sorted, organized and distributed before the Lord returns...  
  7. I had a long meeting with the pastor of a tiny hispanic congregation in Baton Rouge that is struggling to minister to a large hispanic population. Their needs are significant but they have a very tiny space to store donated goods. It was during that meeting that the 18-wheeler rolled up at New Covenant and a partnership was born. We'll be ministering to that congregation and those they serve starting on Monday.
  8. As I type this, I'm listening to an Assembly of God youth group from Shreveport worship in the sanctuary...Weihua just joined them I think. Church might be breaking out in there. 
  9. Did I mention the building is upside down? Brace yourself. It will be okay....we'll get it all put back together eventually...
  10. Even now, God is picking up the broken pieces of your lives in the wake of this flood and He is crafting something bright and beautiful that will bear the undeniable marks of His grace for all to see.  
  11. Join us for worship at 10:30am. Dress is casual, shorts are welcome. Come as you are.