It's been a busy 2017....


Only by the grace of God and for His glory alone, New Covenant Church has been engaged in disaster relief every day since August 13, 2016. Things got so hectic that we didn't have time to update the blog regularly. Now that we are a year out, there is still so much to do. So many still need your help and support. We acknowledge that we can do nothing without God's provision and grace. It is our desire in all we do to bring attention and glory to our great and good God. This is why we do what we do - not for our name but for His. Here are some of the highlights of how God has used our church over the last year:

  • Every single night since August 21, 2016, we have housed volunteers who have come here from around the world to help. We continue to house volunteers to this day. As few as 20 and as many as 100+ have slept in our building. We are grateful to God for sparing our building that it could be used as a basecamp for teams to launch out to help rebuild our community. It is estimated that as many as 2,000 different relief workers from more than 40 countries have slept under our roof.
  • We have purchase building materials for many, many homes in our community - from drywall to baseboard and everything in between. None of this could be possible without the generosity of people from all over the country who have given to our flood fund. All gifts to this fund are tax-deductible and go directly toward meeting the needs of homeowners who flooded. God has blessed us to serve people from every walk of life.
  • Teams we have hosted have gutted hundreds of homes and have rebuilt dozens of homes at no cost to the homeowners. We want everyone we help to know that we come in the name of Christ.
  • In the early months after the flood, we received and distributed tons and tons of food, tools and supplies to thousands of people who came to our church for help. God provided it all. 

How can you help? You can come to our community and volunteer. We can house you for free and train you to do new things. You can support our relief work with a tax-deductible gift to our designated flood fund. Click the Online Giving tab above, follow the instructions, and select the flood fund from the list of options. As always, what we and our community need most is your prayers.