Drug dealers, diapers, and bananas - Posted 8/30/16 10:10pm

The past few days have been absolutely insane and when I have caught up enough to post an update, it's been too late at night to send it. There is helpful information below for both New Covenant Church members and those who do not attend church here. Here's what you need to know tonight:

  1. For the first time in my life I got to "Just Say No"...a drug dealer tried to sell me some of his finest product today. Apparently, the public perceives me as something other than an overweight, middle-aged, evangelical pastor. 
  2. New Covenant Church family, we have several backpack pump sprayers for you to borrow....8 currently. If you're going to spray your house, please use a backpack sprayer. The 2 gallon garden pump sprayer is akin to a medieval torture device. A backpack sprayer is stylish, fast and FREE. Thank me later. Text me at 225.715.6149 if you want to reserve one.
  3. Your free Shockwave is still waiting here for you...along with a backpack sprayer.
  4.  There will be 35 gallons of free pre-diluted Shockwave here for anyone in the community who needs it tomorrow after 10am. 
  5. We also have power washers, shop vacs, moisture meters, protective suits, masks and goggles here for you to use. Text 225.715.6149 to reserve your equipment today.
  6. We have lots of diapers. If you or someone you know needs some, message us.
  7. Tomorrow, we are bringing 400+ banana boxes full of food and supplies to Hispanic flood victims in Baton Rouge. God has set a dear brother of a Hispanic congregation in our path to come alongside and bless. We are bringing a box of food to all those who will gather at his little church tomorrow seeking medical help.
  8. Ask and ye shall receive....I asked Crossway for Bibles to replace those lost in the flooding. About 10 boxes arrived. If I had to estimate the retail value, I'd say there are $15,000 or more worth of new Bibles sitting across from me as I type. I'll be going back through the answers to the survey and contacting you if you indicated you lost a Bible.  
  9. Here are some volunteer needs we have:  1) We need someone around lunch time and around 7pm to walk the church picking up and taking out trash. 2) Someone can come vacuum the high traffic areas.  3) If you want to come help us prepare meals until a crew from out of state is assigned to us, we need help. We have requested a feeding team to come quarter here and take over the preparation of all meals for the workers we are housing. Our few folks who didn't flood are worn out and stretched thin. Call Patricia if you want to help out. 
  10. Many of you are hearing either good or bad news from FEMA and insurance adjusters. I'll be sending out another survey soon to gauge the extent of your financial loss when it is all said and done with FEMA and adjusters. When I send that out, please answer the few questions I will send and know that it will be held in strictest confidence. We will use this information to establish the magnitude of the loss in our church family and to seek resources to meet as many of those needs as we can.
  11. We are out in communities now taking orders for supplies from those who have lost their cars and also taking laundry from some to be washed by our laundry crew. If you are interested in bringing a family a box or bag of goods we have pulled for them based on their orders, let me know. Best way to connect with me on this is by texting me (see above).
  12. If you did NOT flood and are interested in sponsoring a family who did, I am building a web page for that purpose - to connect you with real people with real needs. These are people we have met, prayed with and vetted to assess need. Stay tuned.