Join us for worship at 10:30am; church cleanup; worship THIS Wed 6:30pm; Bibles - Posted 9/3/16 at 10pm

Join us for church tomorrow at 10:30am. Dress is "disaster casual" as usual. Remember, there will be no Sunday School or normal Wed night services until further notice. There are relief workers sleeping everywhere. Here's what you need to know tonight:

  1. If you want to come to church early, we will need some help straightening up and preparing as best we can for worship at 10:30am. 
  2. We will have worship this Wednesday at 6:30pm. Invite someone to join you. 
  3. God continues to send people with needs and food/supplies to meet those needs so our distribution ministry rolls on. New Covenant members are always welcome to come get supplies. The general public hours this week will be Wednesday and Friday 10a-12p. We will be closed to the public Sunday and Monday and will spend Tuesday organizing, getting into the community to deliver goods to people with no transportation and ministering to the needs of the Red Cross shelter across the street. 
  4. Check the table in the foyer to see if you have a Bible with your name on it. Everyone who lost a Bible in the flood will receive a free one that matches the one you lost or one very close to it. You will see those arriving gradually.
  5. Still have lots of pressure washers, backpack pump sprayers, etc. for you to use for free. We will begin to make these available to the general public to check out with an i.d. soon. If you need one, now is the time to come check one out. Text 225.715.6149 to reserve yours or to check availability. 
  6. Let us know what you still need help with on your house.