Backpacks, school supplies, tools, ShockWave, suits, dress shirts, etc. - Posted 9/5/16 at 11:30am

No rest for the weary....I know most of you are spending this Labor Day weekend working in your homes or in the homes of friends/family who flooded. Keep your chins up. Even in what looks like meaningless loss and chaos, God is at work. Here's what you need to know this afternoon:

  1. We received a large donation of backpacks for our church family. Most of them are filled with all sorts of school supplies. If you can come by this evening or tomorrow and claim one for each of your children, that would be awesome. I will make them available to the community on Wednesday. Come whenever you can...from 7am till 11pm.
  2. We are receiving more and more school supplies. Before you buy anything, please come see what we have in stock. It's all free. 
  3. If you need clothes for yourself or your children, we have received lots of clothes in very good or brand new condition. Click this link to send us the sizes of what you need and we will pull the clothes or shoes for you. We have lots of men's dress shirts in
  4. We have a ton of groceries, cleaning supplies, dog/cat food, paper goods, diapers,  etc. No need to spend your own money on these things when Christians from around the country have sent them to you. New Covenant Church members can come any time 7a-11p. 
  5. It never hurts to spray, spray, spray mold killer. Come get all the FREE Shockwave mold killer you need. It kills about 190 other things including MRSA, HIV, e. coli, etc. The SBC has made it available for anyone in the community who needs it so tell your neighbors.
  6. Don't forget you can bring your laundry to New Covenant to be washed for free by the laundry trailer crew out front.