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What should you expect when you visit New Covenant Church? Here are some FAQ's that might help. 


1. Where is New Covenant located?

We are located at 215 Florida Ave. SE Denham Springs, LA at the corner of Florida Boulevard (LA-HWY 190) and S. Hummell St. 

2. What time are the church services? What do I do with my kids?

Wednesdays: 6:30pm (all ages) & Sundays: 9:15am (Bible Study) & 10:30am (Worship)

On Sundays, we have Bible study classes for all ages starting at 9:15am and worship service at 10:30am. Our Sunday worship service normally ends about 12:00pm. On Wednesdays, we start at 6:30pm and finish by 8:00pm. A free nursery is available for all services. Children over 3 normally stay with their parents during our worship services. We do not offer a "children's church" but encourage the whole family to worship together on Sunday mornings. Children need to see their parents engaged in worship. We do have a room with a video feed of our service for moms who are nursing or want to hold crying babies instead of putting them in the nursery. Babies and restless children are welcome in our worship services. 

3. What do people wear during services at New Covenant Church?

Some wear jeans, some "business casual", some shorts. We care less about what you are wearing and more about your relationship with God. 

4. What is an average Sunday worship service like? 

Sometimes we start a service with someone leading us in a traditional hymn accompanied by piano. Next, a pastor will welcome everyone and make a few announcements followed by a couple of minutes of what we call "fellowship" where we greet those around where we are sitting. A passage from the Bible is read after this and then our praise team leads us in 3 or 4 songs. When we are done singing, a pastor will preach a Bible-based sermon that lasts, on average, about 45 minutes. The service is usually concluded with someone closing us in prayer or leading us in singing an a cappella (without instruments) song. Once the service ends, anyone that wishes to talk to a pastor has the opportunity to do so. 

5. But is there coffee?

Indeed there is. We serve complimentary Community Coffee just down the hall from the sanctuary every Sunday morning. If you get there early enough, you're likely to find muffins, donuts, fruit, etc. but these usually go fast.

6. How often does New Covenant Church observe the Lord's Supper and who can participate?

We usually observe the Lord's Supper once ever 6 weeks or so. We have an "open communion" meaning if you are worshiping with us on a communion Sunday and have placed your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for your salvation, you are welcome to participate. You do not have to be a member to participate in the Lord's Supper, just a follower of Christ.

7. Do you ask for money? Are visitors expected to donate to the church?

Visitors are our special guests and there is no expectation that they will give financial support to the ministry. New Covenant Church does rely on the faithful financial support of its members to keep the air conditioning and lights on and to support our ministries and missionaries around the world. We believe people who have experienced the grace of God do not have to be compelled to support the work of God. There is a moment during our announcement time when we stop to thank God for His generosity toward us. People who want to donate to the church have 2 options to do so. We have boxes on the walls in the rear of the sanctuary and in the lobby which have envelopes by them. If you feel like donating, place your check or cash in an envelope and drop it in the box. All offerings are tax-deductible so make sure to give us your name and mailing address if you want a year-end giving statement to use when you prepare your taxes. Offerings can be placed in the boxes before, during or immediately after church but before the boxes are emptied. The other option is to make an electronic donation by text or online. Both options are extremely secure. Find out more info on e-giving here

Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
— 2 Corinthians 9:7

8. Tell me about the New Covenant congregation?

On any Sunday, about 200+ adults and kids gather for Bible study and worship. There is a healthy representation of young and old in our congregation. Whether you are single, divorced, married or widowed or have kids or not, you'll find people just like you at New Covenant. 

9. What kind of music do you sing during a service?

We have a praise team that includes a piano player, a digital keyboard player, a drummer/percussionist, bass guitar, electric guitar, at least one acoustic guitar and a few vocalists. Our mix of music includes new songs as well as the great hymns of the faith. A song's lyrics, not its age, determine whether or not we sing it in worship. Only lyrics which glorify God and make much of Jesus make the cut. Songs which are man-centered are rejected. Everything about the singing portion of our worship service aims to express worship and gratitude toward God. No flashing lights. No smoke machine. Just men and women using their talents to lead us in heartfelt singing that blesses our souls and pleases God. 

10. Do you make a big deal of pointing out visitors?

No. We don't make you stand up and we don't make you wear a "Hello, my name is..." name badge. Our people love meeting visitors so you are likely to have several speak to you before or after the service. If you feel overwhelmed by their hospitality, please understand they just want to make you feel welcome. No one will ask you to pray or read the Bible out loud. 

11. Will I have trouble finding a seat?

On any given Sunday, we have plenty of open seating. If we have a larger than normal crowd on the Sunday you visit, rest assured, we will put out extra seats. A smiling face will gladly find a seat for you wherever in the sanctuary you feel most comfortable. 

12. Do people raise their hands and speak in tongues during the service?

You probably will not hear anyone speaking in tongues during our worship services. We do believe in orderly and biblical worship. It is not uncommon to see a few people raising one or both hands during the singing portion of our service. During the sermon, it is not uncommon to hear someone say, "Amen", as an indication that they agree with what has just been said. 

13. What does New Covenant Church believe?

We are a Bible-believing and teaching church. While only the Bible can exhaustively detail all we believe as a church, you can find some of our commonly shared beliefs here.  

14. What kind of preaching will there be?

You will always hear a sermon that: 1) has been prayed over as it was prepared, 2) has been carefully written to ensure it is thoroughly biblical, 3) has practical application for your life, 4) will be delivered with passion and seriousness. All the men who stand behind the pulpit of New Covenant Church have a deep reverence for God and His Word and take very seriously the call to speak to people on behalf of God. You can listen to many of our sermons on our audio media page and on our SoundCloud channel.  

15. What kind of church is New Covenant Church (i.e. baptist, Methodist, charismatic, etc.)?

New Covenant is an evangelical, theologically conservative, non-charismatic, Bible-based church. Our church is autonomous and is neither dictated to nor governed by any denomination. We fund many missionaries directly and usually give to the International Mission Board (SBC) at Christmas time as we have a family from our church serving full-time with the IMB in a very dangerous country. Our church is in friendly cooperation with other churches, including Southern Baptist ones, in supporting missions and church planting. The fact that we practice believer's baptism by immersion (i.e. we completely dunk during baptism instead of sprinkling) makes us baptist. Our faith family takes our direction from the Bible and is led by elders who meet the biblical qualifications for pastors. The congregation of New Covenant Church votes on the election of elders and deacons and votes to call the Senior Pastor. There are a few other matters on which the membership as a whole votes. Those can be found in our Bylaws

16. What translation of the Bible do you use at New Covenant Church?

We do not have an official translation that we endorse or use in the pulpit every Sunday. Our preaching pastor may refer to the ESV on Sunday and the KJV the next.